Film Screening of An Act of Love
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Date(s) - 06/20/2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Fairmont United Methodist Church


Film Screening of An Act of Love

When: Monday, June 20, 2016; 7pm – 9pm.

Where: Fairmont United Methodist Church, Raleigh, NC
2501 Clark Avenue, Raleigh NC 27607

An Act of Love is a film about the Rev Frank Schaefer, an United Methodist pastor who out love for his son performed a same sex marriage for his son and his partner. Schaefer was subsequently tried and had his orders taken from him but later had his orders restored. The film focuses on him and the struggle of LGBTQI inclusion in The United Methodist Church. Jimmy Creech who is former pastor at Fairmont and who had been tried twice for performing same sex weddings and eventually got his credentials taken will be there after the film to help facilitate a discussion of the film.

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About the film:
“Like many other Christian denominations around the world, the United Methodist Church is at a crossroads. The debate over same-sex marriage has reached a point where it threatens to irreparably divide the Church.

 An Act of Love tells the story of an unwitting advocate in the fight for equal rights within the Church, Rev. Frank Schaefer, who had his ministerial credentials revoked in December 2013 after officiating his son’s same-sex wedding.

Will Rev. Schaefer’s trial be the final breaking point for the Church? Or will his story be the final chapter in the long struggle for LGBTQ equality within the UMC?

 At the beginning of his career, Schaefer had no intention of getting involved in the controversy over gay marriage in the Church. However, several years into Frank’s ministry at a small church in Pennsylvania, his eldest son, Tim, began to quietly struggle with his sexual orientation. Amidst fear of rejection from his Church and his family, Tim became withdrawn and teetered on the verge of suicide.

 Once the Schaefers assured their son that they accepted and loved him regardless of his sexual orientation, a new fear arose – what would Frank’s congregation in Lebanon, Pennsylvania think? Tim never felt comfortable in Lebanon, so he moved to Boston for college in an effort to live in a more progressive area. It was in Boston where he met his future husband. After college, they were married in a private service in Massachusetts, where Frank officiated. The Schaefers knew that having Frank officiate Tim’s wedding was a risk to his career, but they figured since it was a private family affair that it wouldn’t ruffle any feathers.”

“Now, as Frank’s story winds down, the storm within the United Methodist Church is just picking up speed. In 2016 the United Methodist Church will meet again for their General Conference, where the rules about same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy will again be debated. After over four decades of protest from LGBTQ Methodists and their allies, will 2016 finally be the year that the Church changes their stance on this issue? Or will it be the year that the UMC irreparably divides?

 As the third largest Christian denomination in the United States, which direction the UMC takes could have ripple effects throughout the entire Christian community, in the US and the world. Frank and his family’s story will undoubtedly have an impact on this discussion.”!about/cjg9


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